Congratulations! Exciting times are ahead with travelling to your destination wedding. Whether you’re driving, sailing or flying to your location, here are some stress free tips ensuring your garment survives the haul.

1: Carry on only! Whether you’re flying or sailing, ensure that your garment stays with you the whole trip. Do not check your garment with your luggage as it could get lost in transit, stolen at baggage claim or damaged in cargo.

2: Use a garment bag and request that it is hung up in the coat locker on your flight.

3: Use a nylon or fabric garment bag with zipper, and keep separates in different coat bags. If your dress has a separate lining, skirt or bodice, keep these separate to prevent any unwanted snags in transit.

4: Pack an emergency back up dress in your checked luggage. You never know what may happen to your main dress in transit or on the day of the event.

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