So the day is nearly here! You’ve been waiting so long for your moment to walk down the aisle in your gorgeous white dress. But what happens before then? You may have found the perfect dress first try, or have gone to countless dress fittings. Either way – in the lead up to your moment walking down the aisle, one thing is for certain. That is making sure your dress is safe, protected and stored away from danger.

Here are some simple ideas to ensure your wedding dress is in pristine condition right up until the moment you say “I Do.”

How to care for your wedding dress before your big day:

  • Once you have purchased your dress, take it home and store it in a coat bag.
  • If your dress isn’t hanging in a closet, lay it down on a spare bed away from direct sunlight to prevent any unwanted discolouration or loosening of any crystals that may be adhered to your garment.
  • If a designer has your dress, they may hold it right up until the day of your wedding to fit you into your dress that day (and to control any mishaps such as splitting zippers or missing buttons.)
  • If you have pets, store your dress in a closed room they don’t have access to. Cats love closets and scratching at different materials.

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