Wedding planning is an exciting time of your life. Big or small, we know the importance of having a beautiful bridal gown that is sentimental to you.

Once everything starts to settle after the wedding, you may think to hang your wedding dress up in a garment bag and leave it in your wardrobe. That’s not the case.

Here we go through our useful tips to preserving your bridal garment to last through many future generations.

  1. After the wedding, dry clean your gown. This will lift any stains as quickly and gently as possible.
  2. Get the original dressmaker to reinforce any tension points in your garment. Some dressmakers will have a quality guarantee, therefore after your wedding, contact them to see if they can adjust any parts of the garment, such as loose sequins, missing diamantes, frayed hems, stretched seams, or loose straps (such spaghetti straps.)
  3. When storing your wedding dress, store it in a clear plastic box in a cool and dark place, on a high shelf such as in your wardrobe. The clear plastic box will prevent any paper or ink marking or sticking to the dress. Seal the box with masking tape at the lid to prevent any bugs or dust mites from damaging the dress. By storing your dress in a box, and not hanging it, removes any stress on the structure of the dress as, if it’s heavy it may tear or stretch over time.

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