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Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

What to ask your wedding dress dry cleaner

Anthony English

You want your dress to be cleaned and preserved properly. Unfortunately, you’ve probably heard horror stories (we’ve heard them!)

So, when you call, be sure you are speaking to someone who is going to be responsible for cleaning the dress.

Ask: “how long have you been cleaning dresses?” (This is a completely legitimate question to ask.)

Also, check what kind of questions they ask you about your dress. This is a good indication of whether you can feel you can trust your dress with them.

Nola Kay has 35 years experience dry cleaning wedding dresses for Sydney brides.

Should I get my wedding dress dry cleaned?

Anthony English

Most brides want to preserve their wedding dress. The first step is to get your wedding dress professionally cleaned. You really want to do this straight after the wedding. Don’t wait till you get past the honeymoon. Stains are best treated quickly. Arrange your wedding dress to be picked up from the hotel.